Co. 17 Units Assist with Building Fire in Mt. Airy
By Secretary Mike Russ
June 15, 2017

June 15th 2017 @ 1500hrs RESCUE SQUAD 717 is on the RID, 1506hrs ENGINE 717 is on the 2nd alarm, 1554hrs TANKER 717 responding to assist with water supply. AMBULANCE 717 is transfered to Station 13. 1639hrs ENGINE 740 transferring to Station 17. 1700hrs CANTEEN 717 is responding. CHIEF 717 [Burns] has command. Multiple units from Carroll, Frederick, Howard & Montgomery Counties are on scene of a major building fire on South Main Street in Mout Airy. Other MoCo units on the call: Engine 713, Rescue Engine 709, Tower 735, Truck 734, Tanker 709, Medic 713, Battalion 705