Laytonsville Fire Department Christmas Tree Sale
By Administrative Mike Russ
November 7, 2017

Starting on Saturday, November 25, 2017, the Laytonsville Fire Department will kick off their Christmas Tree Sale.

Tree Types:

Fraser Firs: 6'-7' Price: $TBD; 7'-8' Price: $TBD; 8'-9' Price: $TBD

Wreaths also Available
Decorated Price: $TBD
Undecorated Price: $TBD

Table Top Trees also Available
Price: $TBD


Mon - Fri From 4pm to 8pm & Sat - Sun From 10am to 8pm


Laytonsville Fire Department (Lower Parking Lot)

All proceeds benefit the LDVFD Building Fund

Attachment LDVFD-2017 Christmas Tree Sale Flyer.jpg  (467k)