Santa Claus is Coming to Town
By Administrative Mike Russ
November 28, 2018

The members of the Laytonsville Volunteer Fire Department have received a call from the North Pole from one of Santa's little helpers. He advised the members that Santa would be coming to the Town of Laytonsville starting on December 2, 2018.

As of now here is Santa's Schedule:

12/2/2018 - Breakfast with Santa (8:00 am - Noon)

12/4/2018 - Sunshine Area/Griffith Rd./Hipsley Mill (Starting at 5:30 pm)

12/7/2018 - Town Tree Lighting at City Hall (Starting at 7 pm)

12/11/2018 - Glendalough/Goshen School Area/Huntmaster (Starting at 5:30 pm)

12/13/2018 - Hadley Farms/Fieldcrest (Starting at 5:30 pm)

12/16/2018 - East Village (Starting at 4:30 pm)

12/18/2018 - Town of Laytonsville (Starting at 5:30 pm)

12/20/2018 - Make-Up Night

12/22/2018 - Make-Up Night

There may be nights where Santa may not be able to make it down to all the streets due to parking of vehicles on streets, emergency calls and inclement weather. We ask that you continue to check the website for any changes to the start time or make-up dates that will be posted due to these circumstances.

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