20 Years Later We Still Remember 9/11/01
By Vice President Mike Russ
September 11, 2021

September 11, 2001, Volunteers from Laytonsville responded to New York and spent many hours at ground zero digging through debris. Those members are Stanley "Buddy" Sutton, Ryan Gaskell, Chad Aloi, Luke Hodgson, Travis Duggan and Steve Casey.

Laytonsville Volunteers were dispatched to the Pentagon in Engine 172 and Utility 17, spending many hours there. Curtis Warfield Jr., Mike Rabaiotti, Kevin Shaw, Tom Twigg and Tom Musgrove went to the Pentagon. At the time, Chief Tommy Baker was working at the Bethesda Chase Chase Rescue Squad and responded to the Pentagon in Rescue Squad 18

Many other Volunteers reported to Company 17 and spent many hours staffing apparatus. We certainly never forget and are constanly reminded everyday of September 11, 2001.