Cancer in the Fire Service, "Don't Wait Until it's Too Late"
By Vice President Mike Russ
January 9, 2022

Many of us have known someone that has died due to fire service-related cancer. His memory and legacy will never be forgotten.

"Don't wait until it's too late" is the message from Sgt. James Seavey, Jr., Sgt. Jordan Wiley, and Cancer Advisory Council President Battalion Fire Chief Shawn Downs.

Captain James Seavey, Sr passed away in 2018 after losing a battle with cancer. While he was still getting treatment, he traveled around the country to educate firefighters everywhere about ways to prevent cancer through decontamination and rehabilitation after being on a fire scene. While still on the service Capt. Seavey mentored those who came after him, including Sgt. Jordan Wiley, who had his own bout with cancer at a young age. Now, his son, Sgt. James Seavey Jr. continues to send the same message to his fellow fire members.

Story Courtesy of DC Fire and EMS

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