LDVFD 68th Annual Awards Banquet
By Vice President Mike Russ
August 29, 2022

On Saturday, August 27, 2022, the LDVFD celebrated 68 years of service at our Awards Banquet. Thank you to the Urbana Volunteer Fire Company for hosting us and serving a great dinner. Thank you to Rosie and Clark Beall for all their work in preparation of this event. Thank you to Life Member Tom Musgrove for being our MC and to Steve Hagberg for being our awesome DJ yet again. Due to COVID, our last banquet was in April 2019. Since that time we have lost 12 members and close friends associated with Laytonsville. Before dinner and awards, we honored them and kept their candles lit the entire night. After a great dinner, we awarded our top responders and those who put in the most hours for 2020 and 2021. We also had individual awards. Everyone had a very nice time.

Probationary Member of the Year
*Fernando Fantan - 2020
*Angela Nardone - 2021

EMS Person of the Year
*Eric Pelicano - 2020
*Luke Murrill - 2021

Career Person of the Year
*Jodi Iskra - 2020
*Joe Crum - 2021

Firefighter of the Year
*Nick Stapleton - 2021

Presidents Award
*Geoff Burns - 2020
*Mike Russ - 2021
*Murphy Richards - 2021